You Do Business Like a Girl!

You Do Business Like a Girl

You Do Business Like a GirlImage by William Murphy

The business world ~ especially the small business world ~ is in the midst of a massive shift away from a very masculine-dominant system to one that is far more feminine in nature than ever before. And that is a very good thing.

Don’t worry ~ I am not about to break into chants of “Girls rule, Boys drool!”

This is not about women, hopped up on estrogen, angrily reclaiming “what is ours.”

This is not about shifting the balance of power ~ like a pendulum moving from one polarity to the other ~ from men to women.

This is not even about male-dominated industries or women-owned businesses.

It is about masculine energy and feminine energy.

The influx of women into the world of small business ownership over the past few decades has generated a huge increase in the amount of feminine energy that has been woven into the way business is transacted.

Feminine energies are the qualities like connection, creativity, collaboration, service, giving, emotions, and intuition. Typically, these are based more in the heart than in the head, more in the right brain than in the left brain.

Feminine energy is extremely useful in providing services. It is what makes you and your business warm and welcoming to others. It makes your customers feel listened to and cared for. These wonderful qualities allow you to connect with your clients on a deep level and really understand their dreams, doubts and desires.

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How (and Why) to Turn Away Customers


no-entry-for-general-publicImage by secretlondon123

Learn to say ‘No’ to the good so you can say ‘Yes’ to the best.
~ John C. Maxwell

We are taught in business that marketing is all about getting more people into your sales channel.

So we do everything we can to get more and more people to take a look at the goods and services we’re offering.

We believe that it’s working when we have a store full of shoppers, a calendar full of appointments with prospects, or a phone ringing off the hook with inquiries.

Things are going great. We are soooo busy!

So you staff up. You hire more people to handle this volume. You work longer hours to keep up with all the inquiries.

And one day, in a rare moment when you have a chance to catch your breath and look at your sales reports, you are blasted with the harsh reality that you are not making any money. In fact, your finances look worse than they did before you got so busy.

What?! How can this be? We have been so busy!

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Do You Believe in Magic?


mountains-sunImage credit: Tyssul Patel

I’d like to interrupt your regularly scheduled program ~ you know, the one that says that you’ve got to work harder, do more, be better, get back to work, get your head out of the clouds, the same one that constantly reminds you that no one ever promised you a rose garden, that life is hard and that nothing good ever comes easily ~ to ask you a few questions . . .

What if the stress and frustrations you experience are just pointing to the areas you’d most like to change?

What if every place you feel limited is there to show you what’s standing between you and your success and freedom?

What if there is a gift in every challenge?

What if you could see how every fear and challenge you’ve ever walked through has led to a greater sense of mastery and freedom, a new normal in your life?

What if it really could be easy and effortless?

What if you could see that you are already perfect?

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Super-Highway to Success

super-highway to successImage by Arek Olek

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost

The journey down the Super-Highway to Success is a fascinating one, isn’t it?

However you define the ultimate destination for you, this journey can be one of the most exhilarating ~ and most excruciating ~ treks of your life.

The road ahead lights up ~ generally as some passion, desire or Big Why is ignited ~ and it beckons you like a mythical siren.

You’ve traveled along this super-highway many times before, although each trip feels somehow new and different.

Let’s imagine a very special trip down this road, shall we?

As you arrive at the entry point to this super-highway, all fueled up and ready to go, you see that the entrance is configured like a massive roundabout. The roundabout is filled with lots of cars entering and exiting.

Many are just continuing to drive round and round in circles, allowing the roundabout to become a Cul-de-Sac of Indecision, until they run out of fuel.

Shortly after you enter the roundabout, you make the turn for the on-ramp to the Super-Highway to Success.

You immediately encounter a sign that says “TOLL CROSSING AHEAD.” Just as you reach for your wallet, you see a large sign that reads “NO COINS, TOKENS, SMART CARDS OR FAST PASSES ACCEPTED.”

Then you see a huge, diamond-shaped sign in neon yellow with these words printed in large black letters: “CAUTION: POTENTIAL FAILURE AHEAD.”

You look through the side window and see that the shoulder of the road is littered with cars whose drivers had changed their minds at this point. But you continue on, undaunted.

A bit further down the on-ramp, the voice of your navigation system startles you with its ominous tone: “CAUTION: You’re about to enter uncharted territory. Turn-by-turn guidance will not be available due to insufficient data.”

Next you hear another, all-too-familiar voice: “STOP! Make the first legal u-turn available and immediately return to the Comfort Zone. What were you thinking anyway?

But the fire in your belly is burning strongly, and the Siren of Success is calling louder than the voice of your Inner Critic.

So you continue down the on-ramp, despite the Nav System voice that says with a sigh and a sneer of disgust, “Re-calculating. . . .”

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Is This My Circus? Are These My Monkeys?


Is-this-my-circus2Circus Tent image credit: Nathan King

Here are three things that I know about you:

1. You like to help people.

2. You are good at solving problems.

3. You’re not afraid to make a decision and take action.

How do I know? Because you’re a business owner. Because you wouldn’t have even dreamed of owning your own business, much less survived your first year, if these things weren’t true.

These are the qualities that can and will lead to your greatest successes. And they’re the very same qualities that can lead to overwhelm, burnout, and ultimately a spectacular failure of your business. {cue ominous music}

Let me explain . . . .

As the oldest of four girls, I learned at a young age that jumping in and fixing things gave me a greater sense of control over some crazy situations and seemed to make other people feel better.

The more I took decisive action and solved problems, and the more people seemed to be helped, the better I felt about myself and the world around me, and the more I came to define who I was by the volume and intensity of crazy situations I could handle.

I became the Ringmaster in the 3-ring circus that was my childhood, then my career, then my businesses. And I learned that “the show must go on” even when the Big Top is burning, the elephants are running amok, and the monkeys are swinging from the trapeze wires and screeching chaotically.

So what could be wrong with that?

Absolutely nothing. It’s wonderful to be a confident leader in the center ring of the exciting circus that is your life. Except . . .

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