A Highly Effective Decision-Making Tool


tools_unsplashImage by Todd Quackenbush

As a business leader, decision-making is a critical component of your job description.

You make dozens, perhaps hundreds, of decisions every day.

But how much time and energy do you spend each day agonizing over your options ~ and then worrying about whether you made the right choices?

The best way that I’ve found yet for clear and confident decision-making was explained to me by a very wise woman ~ my good friend and mastermind partner who lives in Australia.

First, ask the question {Is this something I desire? Would this be a good thing for my business?} and then listen for one of these three responses:

1. Hell No!

2. Sure, why not?

3. Hell Yes!

OK, truth be told . . . I cleaned up the third option for this public post ~ the Aussie version uses a different four-letter word. {Seriously, sometimes there’s nothing that can quite match the power and passion you feel when dropping a good f-bomb!}

But I found that there’s a little glitch with this method.

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The Simple Formula for Success: Clarity + Focus


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It’s a word that has created in every business person a motivation to move forward, to improve and to excel.

And yet, at some point, it has created in each one of those business people a near crippling weight from a goal that seems so elusive and unattainable.

It’s no wonder.

Our capitalistic society is fueled by the constant quest for success.

We’ve made striving seem heroic, and thriving seem selfish.

As part of this conveyor-belt mentality, we see Success as something that is so complex, so difficult, that we may never figure it out in our lifetime. {And many of us die trying.}

What if we could unplug from this conditioned, programmatic approach to our businesses and see Success as something that is highly attainable by anyone who desires it?

What if Success could be seen as simple?

I’m here to tell you that it can. It is.

Success requires just two things of us: Clarity and Focus.

Clarity allows us to answer these questions:

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3 Steps to Make Some Money Magic in Your Business


starry-sky_unsplashImage by Juskteez Vu

Want to make some money magic in your business?

It may be easier than you think.

But it requires an approach that many business owners overlook as they focus so intently on putting out fires and crossing tasks off to-do lists week after week and month after month.

This magical money-making approach requires that you begin with the end in mind.

Think of this process like using your car’s navigation system to find your way to a new destination. Without this, you will be driving aimlessly through town, relying on hope, wishes and luck to happen upon your destination.

Here’s how it works.

Set aside some quiet time and ask yourself these three questions.

1. How much money would I like to make?

This step is like plugging in the address of the new destination into your navigation system.

Choose a timeframe. {I generally begin with one year.}

Then ask yourself, “How much money would I like to make next year?”

Choose the amount of revenue you would like to flow into your business during your chosen timeframe.

Set your sights on a number that is larger than you think is “realistic” but not so large that it is completely unbelievable to you. As my former business coach used to say, “Stretch, don’t splatter.”

Set your intention by writing something like, “I intend to make at least [$XXX] in revenue in the next year.”

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3rd Annual 3-for-33 Gratitude Challenge is On!



We are rapidly approaching Thanksgiving ~ a day to gather with family and friends, to celebrate all the wonderful abundance we enjoy in our lives, and to express our gratitude.

Did you know that gratitude is one of the most powerful tools for enjoying an ever-increasing amount of abundance in your business and your life?

It’s true!

So then, why would we want to limit that energy of gratitude to only one day out of the year?

It takes very little time or energy to create an attitude of gratitude every day of your life.

But it does take focusing on it . . . and that requires remembering to focus on it.

And the easiest way to remember to focus on something every day is to create a habit around it.

That’s why I’m hosting the 3-for-33 Gratitude Challenge again for the 3rd year in a row. {Three is a powerful number, so I know this year’s challenge will be off the charts!}

There are 33 days between Thanksgiving and the New Year’s Eve. Do you think you can take 5 minutes a day to simply jot down three things that you are grateful for each day for 33 days?

If you do, you will be amazed at how your life starts to get a bit brighter, things start falling into place a bit easier, people around you are a bit cheerier ~ and that’s just the beginning. Can you imagine what 2015 will look like when you’ve started to focus more on the things that are going really well?

To support you even more this year, I’m giving away my Great Day Gratitude Journal e-book to everyone who registers.

This e-book walks you through the reasons a gratitude journal is such a powerful tool, the {extremely} easy way to keep a gratitude journal, and the four easy steps you can take to create this highly supportive habit.

And, I’ll be sending you a reminder email each day of the challenge with some words of inspiration and a link to the 3-for-33 event on Facebook where challenge members will be posting their 3 things. {You can easily opt out of this email series if you’d like.}

By joining other like-minded business owners in creating this wildly supportive habit, you actually turbo-boost your results and increase your chances of success in creating your attitude of gratitude.

Click here to register for the 3-for-33 Gratitude Challenge. It’s free, easy, and fun.

We get started Friday, November 28th and we’re going to roll right into 2015 riding a wave of abundance!

It . . . Always . . . Gets . . . Better.

train tracks

train tracksImage by Tiago Gerken

A friend of mine once shared these words of wisdom passed on to him by his father:

It always gets better.

What a beautiful perspective to carry with you through the many peaks and valleys we all surely encounter!

Think about how profound those four little words are, as you repeat them slowly and hear them reverberating in your head.

It . . . always . . . gets . . . better.

Most of our stress and struggle is experienced when we are facing an unknown.

When we don’t have a clear picture of how something will unfold, we tend to fill that space with fear-filled thoughts of all the bad things that could happen.

What if I fail? What if I can’t generate the revenue I need to pay my bills? What if . . . .?

Suddenly, everything looks dark and gloomy and we can’t see how things could possibly work out in our favor.

But what if we could fill that space of uncertainty with a sense of calm assurance, a deep knowing that all is well all the time?

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