Are you Delegating or Suffocating?

sun and trees

sun and treesImage by Zwaddi

“If I want something done right, I’ll have to do it myself.”

“It will be faster and easier for me to just do {insert task} than it would be to teach someone else how to do it.”

“I can’t afford to hire staff or delegate.”

“Nobody will ever be able to do this the way that I want it done.”

As business owners, we often feel like we need to do it all. To be effective business managers, we need to overcome our weaknesses, be good at every aspect of our operation, and have a hand in everything, right?

If you saw a bit of you in these statements, then you are in all likelihood driving yourself into the ground and getting in the way of your own success.

Here’s the thing: you do not need to do, nor be good at, everything in your business. So stop trying! Realize that you are never going to be exceptional at everything in your business and that’s okay.

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Stop Comparing Your Stock Room to Others’ Window Displays

Pink Olive Window Display

Pink Olive Window DisplayImage by Pink Olive

We all do it.

We notice another business that captures our attention and we often view it with great admiration {and yes, a touch of envy}.

We look at Pinterest boards filled with drop-dead gorgeous images of their work, Facebook pages peppered with witty blurbs about their latest promotions, and Instagram pics of window displays beautifully merchandised with carefully curated selections and inspiring props.

We look at this impeccable face of the business ~ the culmination of their creative genius and talents ~ the face that they have carefully arranged for the public, often with the help of experts and photo filters.

And what do we do?

We look around at our stockroom ~ the one that looks like it was just leveled by a tornado in the aftermath of a rush project we just got out the door ~ and we compare that to the flawless public face of this other business.

Somehow we completely overlook the fact that we also have a beautiful window display that gleams and glimmers in the glow of the evening lights, that we have loyal fans and followers on social media who love everything we do, and that the stock room {aka disaster zone} is where we make magic happen.

And making magic can be messy at times.

Just ask the owner of the business you’re admiring . . . .

So let’s make a pact. What do ya say we stop comparing our insides to other people’s outsides. . . ?

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How Do I Get Another Person to Change?


pelican_unsplashImage by Yair Hazout

I am asked this question a lot.

It usually goes something like this: “I have really been focusing on shifting my perspective and thinking more abundant thoughts. I’ve even declared my business to be a Complaint-Free Zone. But I am surrounded by people who are operating from a negative, lack-based mentality. So how do I get them to change?”

My short answer: “You don’t.”

Here’s my longer answer and why you may as well stop wasting energy trying. . . .

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Believe in Abundance. Stop Clinging to Clutter.

river through forest

river through forestImage by Wolfgang Moritzer

“You don’t get what you wish for; you get what you believe.”

You may be wishing for abundance ~ an abundance of success, wealth, joy, happiness, and freedom ~ but wishing will not make it so.

Your life is an outward expression of your inner beliefs.

So, are you wishing for your abundance . . . or are you believing in your abundance?

Look around you to see what you believe.

Are you clinging to clutter?

If so, this is a sign that you have some lack-based beliefs.

{We all do. It’s deeply rooted in our environment, our culture, and our amazing experience as humans on Earth at this time.}

Know that Acquisition and Accumulation are not the same as Abundance.

Abundance stems from the belief ~ the deep knowing at a cellular level ~ that you will always have more than enough of what you need.

So why are you hanging onto stuff that you don’t love or that you don’t currently use on a regular basis?

Here are four of the most typical reasons for clinging to clutter:

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It’s a Done Deal


hot-air-balloonImage by Austin Ban

Do you have a goal, a dream, a vision of success that lights you up?

Think of something that makes you happy and excited when you imagine yourself living in that New Normal.

Hold onto that feeling and savor it for a few moments.

Then watch what happens next.

How quickly does the lizard brain kick in and try to bring you “back to reality?”

You know the old familiar voices of the lizard brain ~ the voices that have become such a part of your default setting that you’ve come to believe they’re true.

Here’s the thing: the voices of the lizard brain are not true. They are just a set of thoughts and patterns that have been repeated so many times that they’ve created deeply worn grooves in the neural pathways of your brain.

And you have the power to change those old, well-worn patterns and create new pathways that serve you better.

Here’s a really effective way to get your brain on board with this reconstruction project . . . let’s call it the Done Deal Detour.

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